Urban Mission Work Camp

Urban Mission Work Camp



Our program is a mission camp experience in the St. Louis area with its great agencies, vital ministries, entertainment options and a wonderful mix of diverse people and situations. We believe whole-heartedly that the mission experience enables high school and college age youth to see and feel The Word come alive through direct involvement and study of urban mission projects. Please see our detailed website including photos at www.stlurbanmissions.org or call Duane Mazzacavallo at (314) 497-2384 for more information.

Designed to provide a variety of work experiences, such as soup kitchens, homeless shelters, youth programs, housing rehab, the St. Louis Urban Mission Camp also enhances spiritual life through Christian service. This is a valuable time for your youth to really get to know each other in a different setting.So, having fun while you are here is highly encouraged! The St. Louis area has so much to offer – from the magnificent Gateway Arch, Cardinals baseball, City Museum, Six Flags to the Zoo in Forest Park – just to name a few! There’s so much to see and do in St. Lou, go to www.explorestlouis.com to find out where to start.

About the Facility:

Our facility is top notch, with a fully equipped kitchen, showers, lockers, trundle beds and a washer and dryer. Your group will need to make its own provisions for transportation, meals, sleeping gear and special events. Our church recreation room can hold a maximum of 30 high school and/or college age youth plus a minimum of two adult sponsors.

The costs:

The cost for the one-week session is $85.00* per person. Maps, a finalized schedule, clothing list, rules, guidelines and emergency information forms will be mailed to you before departure.

* Effective 1/1/2019 – our first rate increase in 20 years.  An inflation calculator indicated that the rates should be $100.33 so we went with the middle ground.


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